Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LLLL Art Agency visiting all Art Centers


LLLL Art Agency visiting all Art Centers in Trondheim - a basic task as curator is to know the real scene we move in. We are getting in the mood for the new Online Art Series - 2014 and 2015

Rake is an Artist Run Space that shows Contemporary Art, curated by 
Trygve Ohren and Charlotte Rostad.

Last week we checked the work of Janna Thöle-Juul (DE) and Iselin Kleiva (NO) while having some wine and warming up by the fire. Nice talks with Artist Sissel Berg (NO), we visited in her Studio some months ago and Artist Brit Dyrnes (NO) at Ilsvika, who has already invited us to visit the Ilsvika Hub.

This conversation is part of the STRUCTURAL BASIS of FROZEN HEAT,
ONLINE ARTSHOWS (2014-2015) upcoming art series curated by LLLL as satellites of LAPIEZA ART SERIES.

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