Tuesday, October 29, 2013

spam of the HUB to other HUBS

art, design, fashion, architecture

BRIT DYRNES guides us through ATELIER ILSVIKA, a HUB sitting in a remodeled factory space in the neighbourhood of the same name in the outskirts of the city of Trondheim. About three years ago a group of artists, architects and designers, leaded by BRIT DYRNES, negotiated with a local bussinesman, owner of the building, to make a nice working space. They did, and started to use the space as daily office. There is a large space with kitchen and big table to have meetings, and everyone has a fixed place in the building, depending on the need of space of each one.

We walk for an hour with BRIT visiting the different working areas, and we got to know the spirit of the HUB, a crossdisciplainary mood across the spaces. We talked to several people, mostly woman. The last one to join the ILSVIKA is a young fashion designer who just arrived from New York. We enjoyed meeting painter and drawer Anne Kristin Myrseth, that showed us her artist books. Very interesting also the talk with Randi Bakken, coach and entrepreneur. She explained the great potential of sharing knowledge with uppcomers, making their ideas possible with visions and market oriented ideas.

At last, Brit gave us a full review on her artworks and site projects, public art and installations. She likes to collaborate with other artists, and loves to run the management of ILSVIKA. This year they have launched a new idea named NORTH CULTITUDE, a project that will enlarge  the spam of the HUB to other HUBS  across the northern regions. We would like to present our ideas soon in ILSVIKA, in one of the open Fridays, where people Can have a drink after work and enjoy the lecture.

These conversations are part of the STRUCTURAL BASIS of FROZEN HEAT,
ONLINE ARTSHOWS (2014-2015) upcoming art series curated by LLLL
as satellites of LAPIEZA ART SERIES.


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