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Helena Holmberg directed INDEX artprogram in Stockholm for 10 years. She saw the chance to develope her ideas leading a new art concept in the city of Trondheim, Project Kunsthall. The idea is to have a space that shows Contemporary Art in the city. Nowadays the Kunsthall hast taken a space in the center of town, 200 m2, divided into a lobby space, a big showroom and a private studio for Artists Residents. The space is however temporary, since Kunsthall will be moving to a larger space soon. Temporary also works for art. Colonizing spaces and minds is the idea of the ideas.

During October, we saw the work of Sound and Videoartist Hong-Kai Wang from Taiwan, and Videoart from Ex-Yugoslavia from the 70´s, Serbian Artist Nesa Paripovic.

This conversation is part of the STRUCTURAL BASIS of FROZEN HEAT,
ONLINE ARTSHOWS (2014-2015) upcoming art series curated by LLLL as satellites of LAPIEZA ART SERIES.


It was a mistake to invent modern architecture for the 20th century; architecture disappeared in the 20th century; we have been reading a footnote under a microscope hoping it would turn into a novel; our concern for the masses has blinded us to People's Architecture. Junkspace seems an aberration, but it is essence, the main thing... product of the encounter between escalator and air conditioning, conceived in an incubator of sheetrock (all three missing from the history books). Continuity is the essence of Junkspace; it exploits any invention that enables expansion, deploys the infrastructure of seamlessness: escalator, air conditioning, sprinkler, fire shutter, hot-air curtain... It is always interior, so extensive that you rarely perceive limits; it promotes disorientation by any means (mirror, polish,echo)... Junkspace is sealed, held together not by structure, but by skin, like a bubble. Gravity has remained constant, resisted by the same arsenal since the beginning of time; but air conditioning - invisible medium, therefore unnoticed - has truly revolutionized architecture. Air conditioning has launched the endless building. If architecture separates buildings, air conditioning unites them. Air conditioning has dictated mutant regimes of organization and coexistence that leave architecture behind. A single shopping center now is the work of generations of space planners, repairmen and fixers, like in the middle ages; air conditioning sustains our cathedrals. (Unwittingly, all architects may be working on the same building, so far separate, but with hidden receptors that will eventually make it cohere.) Because its costs money, is no longer free, conditioned space inevitably becomes conditional space; sooner or later all conditional space turns into Junkspace.

Rem Koolhaas JUNKSPACE

Anto Lloveras Lapieza Relational Art Series Marisa Caminos Kunsthall Trondheim Helena HolmbergNy kommunedelplan for kunst og kultur i Trondheim
 — conAnto Lloveras y Lapieza Relational Art Series.

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